Confederate soldiers from Tennessee - Black Confederates: The Forgotten Men in Gray Two body servants with their masters - Black Confederates: The Forgotten Men in Gray
Stan Armstrong
Stan Armstrong
Jackie Powell
BJ Thomas
Teddy Davis Jr.
Beta SP
75 mins.
Producer BJ Thomas and his grandson Zile does a cameo  - Black Confederates: The Forgotten Men in Gray

At times, the Southern cause was stronger than any veneration to a master. Many servants felt necessary to stay with the army when their master had been killed or wounded; Even to return to the unit after taking their master home. Some return to fight along another family member of fallen master while others found new masters to serve. - excerpt from the documentary

Little is known about the black men, women and children who fought for the Confederacy during those four turbulent years (1861- 1865). This documentary discusses the loyalty of the free men of color and slaves who labored for the southern cause, Northern abolitionist Frederick Douglass who tried to convince Abraham Lincoln to use Black troops at the start of the war, Confederate President Jefferson Davis who knew the necessity of using blacks from the start, and the heart-warming story of the Chandler Boys - friends who fought during the war, one black, one white, yet both true Confederates

Director Stan Armstrong researched his family history from the tales told by his parents of a white ancestor who was a Confederate Captain in a Louisiana Regiment and took his mulatto son into battle with him as a body servant. Hence, Armstrong's interest in the unsung heroes of the Civil War was born

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